MicroPhoto is a really cool picture viewer for GameBoy-Advance (Nintendo) machine. It works on several Nintendo machines (Gameboy Advance, Gameboy-SP,Nintendo-DS). But it's especially cool in the new GameboyMicro machine. You can put up to 700 high quality pictures on a 32Mbytes card.

MicroPhoto will simply change your life. Latest news said there is 22.112.003 people using MicroPhoto over our lovely planet. Here are some comments we received from famous people:

"This is awesome. Our enginers are working very hard trying to reverse MicroPhoto bitmap technology."

Brett Uncoup, Google-Earth

"We're planning to add MicroPhoto bitmap technology into our video player. We still have a lots of work to improve our code to reach the software quality of MicroPhoto."

B. Gates, Software-Engineer

"We really missed MicroPhoto technology when building our PSP. Our machine could have be several times better with such a software."